Thursday, April 23, 2009

Change...nobody really likes change! Who would....everyone gets into thier own little niche and when you come threaten that...ppl get mad! Like earlier this week my sister changed my home page on my computer from google chrome! Iwas heated..she went and changed it to this ugly wack page without even asking me! i was kinda upset that i didnt get see the hot celeb gossip or the latest picture of obamas dog!!! But now looking back at the situation...i feel kinda dumb becuase now i love it and refuse to use yahoo.
I know it was a dumb story and i said all that just to prove one point.Ppl need to stop running from change and embrace it. i meet so many ppl who are make it their business to shoot down every thing that our govt does becuz they are scared of change!they scream "you liberals" but wether they like it or not...the world has to and needs a change!we have come a long way from our cave man ways and thing will only get more and more advanced. Am i saying that i agree with everything that is being done with our govt and!im just saying for once we need to be a tad opstimistic and give Change a fighting chance!!!

Ms. Deep

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